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Personal Page

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Personal Information about N9ONV
Richard Kearney was born August 19,1943 in Cairo, Illinois.

Age 16 Went to work for H&H T.V. Sales and Service,
as Service Tech, soon after that I was promoted to Manager of the Company.

# 1. Cairo High School "Class of 61"

# 2. Went to work on the River for Waterfront Services Co.
During my employment, I became Chief Tankerman and later Chief Dispatcher.
Worked for Waterfront, until Retirement in 1986

September 29th
Sharon and I became one in Holy Matrimony and are very happily married.
I enjoy my Hobbies, which include Amateur Radio, Gardening, Lawn Care
and Wood Craft.

November 23rd, Sunday Evening 8:30 PM.
The most important and lasting thing, in my life happened.
While attending the service at the Washington Avenue Baptist Church, in Cairo Illinois.
I gave my heart and soul to the Lord Jesus Christ my Saviour.
Today Jesus still walks with me, even when I get out of step with him.

If you have never accepted Jesus as your Saviour
Please do it today, as tomorrow may be to late.

ROMANS 10:13
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Sharon and Richard Kearney

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Sharon and Richard Kearney


Packet Radio Is Here to Stay

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Richard T. Kearney / N9ONV



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Last Modified: March 29. 2002